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For all your car detailing needs, we are the single solution. We offer high standard car detailing service with fast results. We provide all our focus to your car and make sure the outcome is what your car deserves. With our highly trained professional staff, we fulfill all types of car detailing needs. We are not limited to just some specific features, we provide a full solution to all your car detailing requirements. You don't have to think whether we provide the service which you want or not, we cover all features involved in car detailing and will always say yes to all your car detailing needs. If you want to give your car a new life, then call us today 803-753-7255 and our customer support will answer all .


Excellent Customer service

Helpful, Trained, Friendly

At Diamond Car Detailing in Irmo, SC, we don't just service your car in the best way possible. We are also very concerned about our customers and we offer customer service like non-other in Irmo SC. Our staff is very friendly and highly trained at their field, they will provide all the information you require and nothing will be hidden from you. You can ask them any question and they will be more than happy to answer. It is our goal to not only satisfy our customers with amazing job on their vehicles but also make sure their personal experience is the best. All your questions are just a call 803-753-7255 away from getting answered.


Inexpensive Car Detailing

The Best Solution At The Cheapest Rate

Diamond Car Detailing in Irmo, SC provides not only outstanding car detailing service but also provides at a very affordable rate. We value our customer's money and provide the best solution at the cheapest rate. In whole Irmo SC you will find our service to have the reasonable prices while providing same amazing service. Best of all, there won't be any kind of hidden charges which you might face with other car detailing services. When you will call us, we tell you everything about our prices and you can ask all questions you like, our friendly customer-support will answer it all. If there will be any charges you will be informed about it before even starting and if your car requires any additional service we will let you know before touching it.

If you want to receive a price quote, arrange a temporary fences rent, or want answers to your questions, give us a call now at 803-753-7255

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Some tips that can help you with your car detailing decision


Car detailing involves many factors and just giving your car to us will not help get the best results. Before deciding, you need to think of why your car needs detailing and how much it needs. After that, you need to consider the features that you want in your car detailing provider. Furthermore, you also need to understand your budget, car detailing service incentives and many other things to make a perfect decision that would be best for your car and yourself. We will also benefit from you if you understand everything about your car detailing needs, it will make it easier for us to deliver best results.

Understand your Requirement

We are not the only one who needs to understand your car's requirement and provide solutions according to it. You should also know what you want in your car and how much car detailing you need. Before calling us if you know what you want and understand the requirement of your car, then it will make it easier for us to guide you in the best way possible. If you are stuck with deciding how you want your car detailing or have any other questions just give us a call 803-753-7255 and our professional customer support will help you understand and make better decision.

Automatic car wash VS Manual wash

Automatic car wash might seem the fastest and best way to get your car cleaned but should know about its side effects. Automatic car wash cannot thoroughly clean the car as well as manual wash can. Also, due to its rough cleaning procedure, it can damage car's paint and dull the appearance of the car. Furthermore, you are also not sure how many dirty cars have been gone through that automatic car wash. Dirty equipment inside can damage the paint also. On the other hand, Manual wash is more delicate and will be perfect for your car though if the equipment used in manual wash is also dirty then this can damage the car too. Our equipments are thoroughly cleaned before use to make sure your car receives the delicate service its paint job deserves.

Car Detailing for a New Car

car detailing wheel

You might think your newly bought car doesn't need detailing, but it actually does. You are not the only one who thinks that way, everyone believes that when a new car comes it is in perfect position and doesn't require any kind of detailing. Yes, it is true that when a car comes in market it doesn't require any detailing, but before getting sold it stays outside in a car lot for quite a long time. While transporting and staying outside dealership shop can attract a lot of contaminants and if exposed to sunlight the paint will get dull too. As most of the vehicles stay this way before being sold, there is a good chance it has been washed many times and might even went through a so called "free dealership wash". So there is a good chance your new car will require some detailing as long as the exterior is concerned. You can contact us now by calling this number 803-753-7255 and we guide you if your new car needs some exterior detailing or not.

For more details about our services and learn how we can help with all your needs just call us 803-753-7255 and our customer support representative will guide you in depth.

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